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Vasile C. Croitoru


Vasile C. Croitoru

Because here, on this earth, we are only seasonal between two eternities, life itself is not an exact science but it still remains an art difficult to define which hides in the foundation of its treasure a lot of reserve and discretion, complacency but also madness and in general a lot of negation and abstract.


In general, each person, through his/her own life, is a history in the making, and at my personal history, at the altar, even God sat down to write it.

Published books

Scriptures of Percipience, & the Poetry Volume: When Lyrics Transcend Prison Bars

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“In the first phase we are donating humanitarian aid to the orphans in Ukraine from the war zone where over 500 children have been left without parents and without shelter and who can hardly cope with the challenges of these times, below on our website you will find short videos that should to stir up our heart and soul in doing good that has been forgotten by many people.

Vasile C. Croitoru